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Disguise Your Voice for Prank Calls with The Phone Voice Changer

One of the neat features of spoofcard is the built in voice changer.  Not only will you be able to spoof your caller ID, but you’ll also be able to disguise your voice!  You can change your voice from male to female, or female to male, or simply vary the tone of your voice.  These modifications are built in to the software and easy to use.shouting man image

By changing the tone & pitch of your voice and providing slight distortion, the voice changer built in to Spoofcard will fool anyone you call. Whats even better, this service will let you try a free spoof call just so you can see how great it works!


spoofcard imageWhat is a Phone Voice Changer?
Phone voice changers are also known as voice disguising tools. They modify the user’s voice so that it sounds like someone else’s. When you speak into the phone using the voice changer, the tool alters the pitch and tone of your voice, which disguises it. You can also adjust it to distort the voice in various ways.

Why Use a Phone Voice Changer?
There are several reasons to use a phone voice changer. They are popular tools for private investigators, who use them to protect their identity while conducting surveillance or questioning witnesses. Personal security is another reason people, especially women, purchase phone voice changers. Single women, the elderly, or anyone who feels vulnerable can protect themselves with a phone voice changer.

What are the Different Types?
You can get phone voice changers for your mobile, tiny keychain size changers, and models that wire into your home phone. Some have hands-free operation and plug into your cell phone. They will work with many types of home phones as well. The keychain-style model is a novelty item that you can place over the mouthpiece of your phone to disguise your voice. A more professional version can be wired right into your home phone, offering excellent clarity. These usually feature several pitch adjustments and built in microphones and amplifiers.

How Do they Work?
Most phone voice changers work by altering the pitch of the speaker’s voice. They work by running the pitch-sensitive sound waves through a microprocessor that offers different pitch adjustments. They all work essentially the same way, though high-end voice changers offer more options and use a better, more sophisticated microprocessor.
The one problem with many phone voice changers is that it’s difficult to change a human voice without it sounding strangely robotic or processed. Most professional-grade models add electronic circuits that will offset or change any electronic or processed sounds that are created by altering the voice. If you’re serious about using a phone voice changer for security, a high-end model will be the best choice.

How effective are they?
Most phone voice changers do a good job of disguising the voice so that it will be unrecognizable on the spoof call, even to people who know the speaker well. Most of these devices can raise or lower vocal pitch by an octave or two and still have it sound like a human voice. To change a voice’s gender convincingly, however, the vocal timbre and pitch must change dramatically. Typically, voice changers don’t sound quite human when you alter the voice to that degree.

What is the Best Way to Use them?
Experiment with the pitch settings to find one that sounds convincing. Keep the volume low to ensure good clarity and speak slowly and clearly. And remember that voice changers change vocal pitch but will not disguise things like accents, intonation and speed of speech.

April 4th, 2013 by Admin