Make a Spoof Call for Fun!

A spoof call allows you to engage in caller ID spoofing, or in other words, prank call someone by changing the ID that appears on the receiver’s caller ID display.  While this has been abused by some who would have more nefarious motives, prank calling someone in this manner has been given the OK by authorities so long as it does not involve criminal mischief or criminal intent.

spoof call trialA spoofed caller ID call can easily be placed via the internet, or by specialized applications available for most of the cell phone operating systems like iOS and Android.  There is even a free trial available from one of the more popular providers, which is called SpoofCard.


A phone prank like this can actually be a lot of fun, giving your target a bit of a scare when they see a call coming in from ___ insert your own best prank here ___. There is even a phone voice changer so your target does not recognize your voice.  Just make sure you don’t take it too far and exercise responsibility and good judgement when pulling the prank on your friends. spoofcardYou can even try the service for free to make sure the service is right for you before you buy.


by Admin